My session was truly amazing. Connective and in-depth, with captivating results. The feeling of calm and peace of mind has lasted for weeks. Absolutely a fantastic service that I am humbled to have experienced.

Ryan N.

Christina performed a long distance session on me. I prepared myself physically and mentally, but I couldn’t prepare myself for how amazing the experience was! I felt so fantastic afterwards, complete with an in-depth explanation from Christina on what she saw and felt. It truly astonished me with how spot on and thorough she was. I definitely recommend her as she is truly gifted with insight and healing.

Amaren D.


I’m so thankful for Christina! She has provided me with Reiki numerous time. Even with hundreds of miles separating us I could feel her healing touch. The warm healing spread through me as she sent it through this great universe. She was able to pinpoint where my troubles lay and provide a touch and suggestions to heal. She has also provided me with a citrine crystal to keep close to my heart. Her skill at jewelry making is extraordinary and this is my most prized piece. I feel her intentions every time I place it around my neck. Thank you, Christina!.

Amanda B.

So very grateful to Christina of Hallowed Earth Healing. Her no-nonsense tarot card reading was straightforward and illuminating. It’s hard not to feel at ease after a session with her! Highly recommended to anyone looking for answers to some tough questions.

G. S.

Difficulty falling asleep or just getting a restful nights sleep affects many people.  My husband and I purchased dream bags and I really believe they have helped greatly with our sleep.  The rest we get is nearly indescribable, but to wake up refreshed is a wonderful thing.  Christina made our custom dream bags filled with mostly crystals and white sage, plus energized with positivity!  Also, they smell quite nice, very comforting.

M. L.