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All of my services and products are intuitively guided. Contact me anytime.

Energy Healing

Reiki & Intuitive Energy Healing sessions can be done in person and at a distance

Energy Healing 
Starting at 

Crystal Reiki Session
Starting at $95

Energy Healing with Oracle Cards
Starting at $90.00

Pet Reiki Session


Before our session, I will email you a short questionnaire. These questions help me customize the session and cater to your individual needs.

Subscription Box

Reiki Box

Price$15.00 monthly

Would you like to have an extra boost for your week? I have a specialized Reiki box that your name can be added to. Every week (usually Fridays) I fill the box with 15 minutes straight of Reiki energy. Each name in the box will receive some Reiki energy to serve in their highest good. The box is also filled with cleansing crystals and herbs to give that extra magical boost. Your name can stay in the box however long you choose.

To have your name put in the Reiki box, it’s only $15 a month!

Spiritual Cleansing

Spiritual House Cleansing


The ritual of smudging can be defined as “spiritual house cleaning”. The smoke from various herbs and plants attaches itself to negative energy and as the smoke clears it takes the negative energy with it, releasing it into another space where it will be regenerated into positive energy.

I will come to your home, and clear out every nook and cranny with my smudging herbs.  I also will clear out your home with Reiki energy and help you with energy flow through your house.

This is for driving distance customers only.  

Email for appointment.

E- Gift Cards


Tarot card readings: Starting at $40.00 (Virtual)

Tarot card readings in person: Starting at $50.00


Readings: Virtual & In Person

Contact for appointment and details

Norse Shamanism & Seiðr Magic

The Nordic path has changed my life, and I want to share that spark with everyone!

Follow the link to view my course at The Sisters Enchanted

Magical Intention Bags (Mojo Bags)

Price: $35.00

Also known as spell bags, prayer bags, or protection bags. They are made to order to your specific needs. Be it better sleep, protection, positivity, any request you have I can create a bag for those needs. I fill the bags with herbs, oils and crystals that correspond to the outcome you desire. Bags are made out of cotton or organza for breathability.

Note: Price includes shipping

Essential Oil Roll on

Price: $20.00

Custom essential oil roll-on for your specific needs, or please request a specific type. Each roll on is made with 100% pure essential oil, cut with pure jojoba oil so it is safe for your skin. These roll-ons are perfect for aromatherapy. Just roll on your wrists are breath in. Essential oils such as lavender for example are calming and good in times of stress.

I offer 2 types of bottles:

Blue Glass: $20

Fancy glass bottle: $25

Note: Price includes shipping.


Even though the essential oil is diluted, please use with caution. If you notice any irritation of the skin, please discontinue use and wash the area thoroughly.

Hallowed Earth Trees

Completely Custom, contact me for arrangements

Custom made to order wire tree’s with crystal leaves.  No two are the same.  If you would like a tree please email to setup a design consult  and I will create a custom tree for you.  They can be mounted using natural objects I find, or I can mount them to some odd things you would never see a tree growing out of. (ha,ha).   

NOTE: Shipping is not included in the price.  Due to the trees being delicate, I opt for the better shipping methods so they do not get broken during their journey to you.

After your tree is created, I will send you an invoice for the price of your tree.

My trees are also being sold at Zen Trading Post on Staten Island, so if you are local, stop in and see the trees for yourself in person.

Crystal Wire Wraped Pendant

Price starting at $30.00

Made to order, unique crystals selected for you. Or you can request a type of crystal. The crystals are then wire wrapped with copper wire. Copper is a wonderful conductor of energy flow. After each Crystal is wire wrapped, I cleanse the crystal with sage and charge it with a ton of Reiki energy.

Depending on the type and size of crystal, price varies. Each wire wrapping is unique per crystal, so no two are the same! 

Note: Price includes shipping.

Custom Mala Bead/Spirit Bead set.

Price Starting at $45.00

Made to order! Each set is made special for you. I can select, or you can request the type of bead you would like.

Mala beads are also known as spirit beads, or pagan prayer beads. The beads are used for prayer, mediation and mantras. They are a powerful way to add some positivity and inner quiet to your life. As each bead is strung, I send Reiki energy into it. I also cleanse each set with sage. Your set of mala beads is sure to pack a punch of positivity!

Note: Price includes shipping.

Custom Wood Burnt Plaque

Completely Custom, contact me for arrangements

Starting at $50.00

please email to setup a design consult 

Black Salts

Price: starting at $25

According to Folk Magic, Pagan, Hoodoo, and many magical traditions, Black Ritual Salt is a primary protective element; it is in essence one kick up from regular salt used that is used as a general protection border especially in ritual work.  Black salt is used to drive away negativity and to protect you, your property, or belongings.

Black ritual salt has a long tradition as a magical tool. It is commonly used to drive off unwanted guests, remove negative energy from your property, protect you from outside influences, and prevent unwanted peoples and energies from returning.

Properties and uses include but are not limited to:

  • Hiding a small bag of black salt in your workplace is said to absorb anger and moodiness.
  • Sprinkling black salt under your bed or keeping it next to your bed will help ward away nightmares.
  • Black salt can be used for casting circles (though use with care as the charcoal will stain just about   anything.
  • Add a pinch to floor washes before cleansing your home to send negativity and bad spirits away (again, just a pinch to avoid staining).
  • It can be spread across the thresholds of doorways and windows to help keep away some negativity from entering your home.
  • During rituals, it can add a fantastic boost to any banishing magical work.

This black ritual salt is created by me, and is specially ground and infused with positive energy.  As I grind the ingredients into the mixture, I infuse the ingredients with energy, and then after it is put into its container, I focus Reiki energy into it.  Be creative in using it, the potential is limitless.

 NOTE: this is not Indian black salt for eating.  Please do not ingest.  It won’t hurt you if you do, but I cannot imagine it will taste any good.

 Shipping is included in price.